Intercambio con Halle. Nuestra visita

Por fin! Después de meses esperándolo, llegó nuestro turno para viajar!!
La experiencia ha sido inolvidable por muchos motivos: la ilusión, los lugares nuevos, las risas, los llantos, los momentos vividos con nuestras compañeras y compañeros… Algunas hemos convivido con familias tan atentas y cariñosas que nos han hecho sentir casi mejor que en casa, otras hemos tenido que aprender que pedir las cosas no es tan malo, pero todas hemos vivido experiencias muy valiosas que nos acompañarán de ahora en adelante. Aquí va un pequeño resumen de las actividades que hemos realizado. Ahí va un pequeño diario de a bordo!

1st Day, Tuesday 28th: Micha picked us up on an awesome bus and after a rather long journey we arrived in Halle at around 15:00. The headteacher welcomed us and then we went home to meet our host families. Later on that day, we all met at the Golden Rose, a peculiar restaurant where the families invited us to a wonderful dinner.


2nd Day, Wednesday, 29th: We spent this day at the Johann Gottfried Herder Gymnasium. We loved the building and the spacious classrooms. Some students explained to us about Halle and its history. We all had breakfast together and then joined our German friends for some classes. We had some fun and some important lessons to learn, especially in music!


3rd Day, Thursday 30th: We visited Phaeno, an amazing science museum in Wolsburg, where we had a real good time among experiments. This was the only trip we shared with our German friends.


4th Day, Friday 31st: One of our favourite visits. The beautiful Dresden. We loved the city and we learned about its history and how it was destroyed during the second World War to be rebuilt years later. This trip was also special because we had the loveliest guest, baby Aianda…

5th Day, Monday 3rd: Everybody was looking forward to this trip and maybe that ended up making it a bit disappointing… Berlin is an amazing city for many reasons, but we didn’t have enough time there, even though the German teachers agreed to stay there an hour longer than planned! Still, we made the best of our time there and visited as many places as we could!

6th Day, Tuesday 4th: This last day we went on a walking tour in the city of Halle. We loved it because Halle has lots of interesting places to visit, because we didn’t have to rush to get to the next place and because we had the best guides ever. A bilingual history teacher and six students from year 8 (2nd ESO) that together explained everything to us.

To wrap up a wonderful week, we all had dinner together at the Golden Rose. Our German hosts had t-shirts made for us and it was great fun to sign each other’s t-shirts. It was just perfect!

7th Day, Wednesday 5th: The very last moments. Good-byes at school and before getting on the bus, some tears and lots of frienship and great memories!!